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Enterprise messaging interoperability and federation

Interoperability in 2021 will Drive Better Collaboration

In collaboration IT, interoperability usually happens when competitors work together. When two competing systems work together, without regard to brand name, the end user’s outcome then becomes the same. This is crucial for collaboration to enable, well, genuine collaboration. Lack of interoperability in collaborative businesses creates communication silos, friction, and often leads to what we’ve ...

Slack alternatives

We Tested These 50 Apps Like Slack to Bring You The Best

  Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, and Cisco Webex. The industry that Slack began is growing more crowded each day. Now, full of loads of great alternatives to Slack.  Email is not completely dead yet. But it’s no longer the only way for people to communicate at work. Who are Slack’s competitors? Microsoft Teams Zoom ...