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Mio chats with Lyndsay Lantz

Mio chats with Senior Manager of Enterprise Systems, Lyndsay Lantz @ SailPoint

As SailPoint moves from HipChat to Slack, Mio caught up with Lyndsay Lantz, Senior Manager of Enterprise Systems, to learn the selection process, messaging history and future of messaging within the business. SailPoint provides an identity governance platform that answers three critical questions: • Who has access to what?• Who should have access to what?• ...

UC graphic for Cutomer Service

UC Quick Wins: 6 Customer Service Integrations

October 19, 2018 Community Insights 0 Comments

Customer service is the heartbeat of every organization. 89% of businesses now compete on customer service alone. $1.6 trillion is lost each year in the US, due to customers switching vendors to avoid lousy service.  Making sure you deliver an exceptional customer experience means making sure that your teams have access to the right tools. An ...

Preview of Mio for Microsoft Teams [VIDEO UPDATE!]

September 27, 2018 Mio Updates 16 Comments

As Microsoft Teams is our most requested platform by customers, we wanted to share a progress update and a new video of Mio in action. Our team is currently actively developing cross-platform messaging for Microsoft Teams to Slack. As a recap, the Mio product for Webex Teams & Slack delivers these native cross-platform features: Direct Messages ...

Bridging the Gap: Email & Slack

A series looking at the current ways to unify incoming messages As teams have embraced new messaging tools for work chat, applications such as Slack, Cisco Spark, Stride, Skype for Business, and Microsoft Teams have taken center stage. Despite all the great features and improved workflows built into these enterprise messaging products — email maintains a ...

Reducing Noise in the Workplace with MRT

January 11, 2018 How We Chat 0 Comments

Using Media Richness Theory as a Guide for Effectively Communicating in the Modern Workplace Notification Overload Through Multiple Communication Channels If you’ve had the experience of working with a small startup in its earliest stages, you’re aware of a certain magic ✨: Everyone is in the same room. When everyone is in the same room, ...

How we chat: Breather

October 24, 2017 How We Chat 2 Comments

A look at how one team created a company-wide “Slack Chat Style Guide” to work better together. Breather, meeting rooms on demand & short term office space. There are few better ways to unite a team than a well-designed style guide. In many cases, a style guide is designed as a living document. It can change ...

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Enterprise Chat News Roundup #10

October 13, 2017 Industry News 0 Comments

It’s October 🍁, ATX is getting cooler 🌡 and the enterprise messaging news is still flowing in. Here’s what you need to know in news this week: Cortana within Skype 🤖 / 💬 Some may recall an announcement made at the Microsoft Build conference early last year, where a video demo showed a vision to get ...

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Enterprise Chat News Roundup #7

September 22, 2017 Industry News 0 Comments

Check out the news we followed this week: Keybase.io’s Fully Encrypted Enterprise Messaging Another week, another chat platform launches For the last few weeks, enterprise chat platforms have come out of the woodwork, laser-focused on Slack. We’ve seen announcements for similar services like Eko and Stride — and now, Keybase.io. All of these new platforms ...