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Collaboration events calendar for 2019 [Updated]

Collaboration events play a huge part in the collaboration and messaging arena. Despite the enablement of remote working and dispersed teams, sometimes you can’t find better than a good old-fashioned get together. Below is a list of key collaboration events in the calendar where Mio will be either exhibiting or attending. Collaboration events June Cisco ...

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Enterprise Connect 2019 round up

March 21, 2019 Editor's Column 0 Comments

There is only one place to start this week’s enterprise messaging corner. Announced on the second day of Enterprise Connect 2019 this week, Mio was announced as the winner for Best Innovation for Collaboration! As well as showcasing our interoperability solution for Slack, Cisco Webex Teams and Microsoft Teams at in the exhibition hall, Mio ...

Enterprise Messaging Corner

Skype for Business upgrades and Slack productivity

February 15, 2019 Editor's Column 0 Comments

Here you’ll find the weekly happenings in enterprise messaging – covering what Mio, Slack, Cisco and Microsoft have all been up to. Slack Slack posted a new blog this week about levelling up your team’s knowledge management system. Continually increasing productivity is an area that I am truly passionate about – and one of the ...