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Migrate from Microsoft Teams to Webex Teams

How to Migrate from Microsoft Teams to Webex Teams

February 5, 2020 Blog 0 Comments

Wondering how to migrate from Microsoft Teams to Webex Teams, the easy way? There are plenty of reasons why you might find yourself in that position.  You might have decided to invest in new software. Perhaps a merger or acquisition is pushing you to get all of your team members on the same platform.  Whatever ...

Enterprise messaging interoperability and federation

Interoperability in 2020 will Drive Better Collaboration

January 1, 2020 Blog 11 Comments

In collaboration IT, interoperability usually happens when competitors work together. When two competing systems work together, without regard to brand name, the end user’s outcome then becomes the same. This is crucial for collaboration to enable, well, genuine collaboration. Lack of interoperability in collaborative businesses creates communication silos, friction, and often leads to what we’ve ...