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External Federation Expectation vs Reality Slack Microsoft Teams Cisco Webex Teams

External Federation: 5 Expectations vs 5 Realities

February 11, 2020 Blog 3 Comments

If you think back to the definition of external federation in the first post in this series, you’ll recall that external federation is the process or technology required for team collaboration apps to communicate with each other across domain. The reality is that you are already collaborating across different apps and with other teams. So, ...

Cross Platform Messaging between Slack and Microsoft Teams is Harder than it Looks

Messaging API Standards for Cross-platform Chat

January 13, 2020 Blog 1 Comment

When you first hear about Mio and its messaging platform interoperability, it’s natural to think to yourself, this can’t be that hard of a problem to solve?  Aren’t you just a middleman between two APIs? Well, I am here to tell you that for a multitude of reasons, it is much harder than it looks. ...