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Microsoft Teams Best Practices

Microsoft Teams Best Practices: 10 To Get You Started

To use Microsoft Teams effectively, it’s important to adhere to Microsoft Teams best practices.  Whether you’re starting fresh or a Teams pro, there’s always something new to learn in Microsoft Teams. In this post, we’ve curated 10 Microsoft Teams best practices to help you use Microsoft Teams effectively. Microsoft Teams best practices included: How to ...

Free Software for Small Business

Free Small Business Software: 25 Best Options

How do you find the small business software you need without spending a fortune? In the USA, there are 30.7 million small businesses. These companies create around 1.5 million jobs each year, and they account for 64% of the jobs in the US. But, every business needs the right tools to thrive. And the overheads ...

The Importance of Message Threads in Team Messaging Apps

The Importance of Message Threads in Team Messaging Apps

Instant messaging is a cure to the cluttered inbox. Message threads are a cure to the cluttered instant messaging landscape. With tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack, we can talk to anyone in real-time (or asynchronously). It’s much easier than tracking emails – at least in theory.  Everyone loves the agility of team messaging tools…until ...

Customer Success Process

Customer Success Process: Improve Yours With These 5 Great Tools

The customer success process is changing. You’re still searching for ways to grow accounts and reduce churn. But now, there’s more to client communication than phone calls and email. The communication process for customer success has evolved. So, your toolkit needs to evolve too.  With Slack shared channels, part of Slack Connect, you can support ...

Increase sales Microsoft Teams

How to Increase Sales (For Microsoft Teams Users)

Every sales team wants one thing: to increase sales. But many businesses forget a critical part of the sales process: communication. The end result?  Disconnected sales teams Deals lost Delayed contracts This blog post is for you if your sales team is using Microsoft Teams. Integrations with CRMs show you who’s hitting their targets. You ...

How marketing agencies Increase Client Retention and Billable Hours with Mio

How to Increase Client Retention and Billable Hours with Mio

What’s the main objective of a successful marketing agency? To help customers create compelling marketing campaigns? To ensure client retention? Or is it to bill as many clients as possible in the most productive manner? Often there is a productivity blocker to this idyllic cycle you dreamed up when joining a marketing agency… Client management. ...