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Why Salesforce Should Embrace Interop with Microsoft

In November 2020, Salesforce announced its intention to acquire Slack for $27.7bn. The immediate sentiment was that Slack and Salesforce thought they would be better together—but insisted taking on Microsoft was not the main reason for their partnership. Ron Miller of TechCrunch reported the expectation that comes from a deal of such high value and ...

Microsoft Teams shared channels

How to Quickly Set Up Microsoft Teams Shared Channels

Let’s not beat around the bush here. Microsoft Teams shared channels do not exist yet. But, that’s not to say they’re not wanted, needed, or possible to achieve. In this post, we’ll assess whether customer demand is there and look at your current options to set up a Microsoft Teams channel across organizations. Can you ...

Direct Messaging Federation in Microsoft Teams

6 Great Options for Microsoft Teams Direct Messaging Federation

Microsoft Teams supports various ways of communicating with external users. When it comes to direct messaging, you’d have thought it would be simple to send a person-to-person message even if they’re not in your immediate team. Microsoft Teams direct messaging federation helps support cross-tenant and cross-platform messaging. In this post, we dig into which option ...

Connect Microsoft Teams and Slack

7 Ways to Connect Microsoft Teams and Slack in 2021

This post exists to answer the question: Does Microsoft Teams integrate with Slack? We know chat must be native, seamless, and simple to administer. But with both Microsoft Teams and Slack dominating the team collaboration market, enterprises using both apps need to connect Slack and Microsoft Teams. Most notably, we hear from customers that were ...

Intercompany Online Collaboration Tools

Top 12 Intercompany Online Collaboration Tools in 2021

Working together has never meant just working with your colleagues. “Work” has almost always been an activity conducted between businesses. That’s why the rise of intercompany online collaboration tools is an exponential one. Workplaces are changing. They are embracing more contractors, freelancers, and temporary employees. So, your business needs tools that enable you to collaborate ...

Delete chats in Microsoft Teams

6 Ways to Delete Chats in Microsoft Teams [2021 Update]

If you need to delete chats in Microsoft Teams, this post is for you. We cover the following scenarios: Deleting a single chat message on Microsoft Teams Can you delete a full conversation on Microsoft Teams? How do you delete chat history on Teams? Why can’t I delete messages in Teams? Deleting chats when using ...