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Digital Markets Act

How Will The Digital Markets Act Impact Unified Comms?

The Digital Markets Act (DMA), which was signed into law in 2022, will have a significant impact on the field of unified communications.  This legislation, which aims to regulate the behavior of “dominant online platforms”, has brought about a number of potential changes that have affected the way that companies and other digital industries operate. ...

Web browser app comparison Microsoft Teams Slack Webex

We Compared The Web Versions Of Slack, Teams, and Webex

With laptop and PC capacity at a premium, it’s no wonder the leaders in the collaboration space are turning to web browser versions. But the question we’re answering today is…are they any good? In this article, we compare the web browser versions of Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Webex. While we don’t expect to decide on ...

Microsoft Teams Keyboard Shortcuts

60+ Microsoft Teams Keyboard Shortcuts You Need To Know

Ever wondered if Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts can actually make your life easier? They can! But only if you know how they work. And you clicked on the right link because this page has everything you need to know about how Microsoft Teams shortcuts work. By the end of this post, you will: Let’s dive ...

Cross platform adoption

5 Tips To Boost Cross-Platform Adoption

When you install Mio to enable cross-platform messaging, the key to getting people to break out of their workplace silos is empowering adoption. Rather than investing in message interoperability and hoping people start sending cross-platform messages, we’re going to share five things we’ve seen work first-hand in some of the largest enterprises that use Mio. ...

Cross platform messaging

How To Enable Cross-Platform Messaging In Your Business

Cross-platform messaging is the ability to send a message from one platform to another. We do this from Apple to Android in the mobile world. We can now even do this between Xbox and PlayStation. So why can’t we do this in the business world? The answer lies in APIs. Or, more pertinently, access to ...

Webex interoperability

The Impact Webex Interoperability Has On Users [And Partners]

Unlike most traditional VoIP/unified communications providers, Cisco has long taken the approach that an open and integrative ecosystem is a thriving one. Looking as far back as XMPP in Jabber or not so far back to Webex Teams, external federation has been part and parcel of the collaboration offering. If you use Webex in your ...