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Migrate Microsoft Teams to Zoom Chat

How to Migrate from Microsoft Teams to Zoom Chat

Before you migrate from Microsoft Teams to Zoom Chat, it’s important to work out whether that’s what you actually need. Sure, your team is using Zoom for video calls already but connecting the chat experience is all too important to rush into changing. Any migration needs a considerable amount of planning, time, and resources. So, ...

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How To Create A New Team In Microsoft Teams

If you’re looking to create a new team in Microsoft Teams, this post provides step-by-step instructions that cover various scenarios. Alongside accompanying screenshots, you’ll find instructions for: How to create a new team in Microsoft Teams How to create a channel in Microsoft Teams How to add Slack users to a team in Microsoft Teams ...

Microsoft Teams chat settings

10 Microsoft Teams Chat Settings You Must Try

Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced pro, we’ve compiled this list of Microsoft Teams chat settings you can try out. Some are tweaks to ease notification overload. Others will introduce you to more productive chats. And you’ll finally know whether that message belongs in a group chat or a channel. Before we start ...

Microsoft Teams Direct Guest Join With Zoom

How To Use Microsoft Teams Direct Guest Join With Zoom

If your business uses both Zoom and Microsoft Teams, you might want to enable Microsoft Teams direct guest join for Zoom. This feature allows Microsoft Teams users to join Zoom Meetings with one click. If you choose not to set up direct guest join in Teams, the manual process of calling into Zoom Meetings—or any ...

Microsoft Teams end user experience

15 Tips To Improve Your Microsoft Teams End User Experience

If you’re a Teams administrator, champion, or power user, part of your role is likely to help improve the Microsoft Teams end user experience. Heck, even if you’re a friendly person who wants people to use their tools more productively, you’ll want to do this. In this post, we run through some key tools and ...