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Product Review: HourStack

Track and Connect Remote Teams, Increase Productivity Team Based Time Tracking and Resource Scheduling: HourStack.io The world of work as we know it is dynamic and changing more than ever. Freelancers occupied just 6% of the workforce in 1989. Today, that number is over 43%. Remote working has also become more accepted, with reports showing ...

Product Review: Butter.ai for Slack

October 18, 2017 How We Chat 0 Comments

Infinitely smarter through team shared knowledge How many times has a teammate asked you the following line: “Hey- what’s the name of that file with notes from our October planning session?” “Where are the PSD files for our logo?” Whether you remember or not, one of you ends up spending some unwanted amount of time discussing ...

On the Ground at Slack Frontiers — Day One Takeaways

September 13, 2017 Community 0 Comments

Some of our team is spending the week in SF, hearing updates from both messaging platforms and bots themselves. So, we wanted to share all this great info in a two-part story. This is part one of two. 9/12/17- Slack chose a pretty remarkable time for their first conference. Between Atlassian’s Summit and recent announcement ...