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Is there an app that combines all messaging apps?

Is There An App That Combines All Messaging Apps?

How many times have you sat down to focus on deep work, only to get a dozen pings from half a dozen different messaging apps?  A question from a co-worker on Slack.  A reply to your Twitter thread.  A client request on Microsoft Teams. No wonder you feel stressed juggling all these screens and trying ...

Cross-platform Communication App

Is There A Cross-platform Communication App?

Yes, there is! Let me introduce you to Mio. In today’s business landscape, effective communication is essential for success.  But, with the availability of multiple collaboration platforms, connecting and communicating seamlessly across different platforms can be a challenge.  Enter Mio, a revolutionary cross-platform communication app that facilitates message interoperability for Microsoft Teams, Slack, Webex, and ...

History of Slack

The History Of Slack & Its Impact On Business Communication

Instant messaging (IM) has evolved dramatically since Murray Turoff invented it in 1971. IM became popular with applications like Yahoo! Messenger, AOL, and MSN in people’s personal lives. During the 2010s, platforms like Salesforce Chatter and Skype for Business (Lync until 2015 and various versions beforehand) introduced IM apps for business with additional features like ...

Slack security and compliance

Slack Security and Compliance Overview

According to data by Enterprise Apps Today, nearly 600.000 firms across the world use the Slack app. Of which around 88,000 use the paid version of the app.  Whether you use the paid or the free version of the Slack app, a thorough understanding of Slack’s security and compliance is paramount. In this article, we ...

Digital Markets Act

How Will The Digital Markets Act Impact Unified Comms?

The Digital Markets Act (DMA), which was signed into law in 2022, will have a significant impact on the field of unified communications.  This legislation, which aims to regulate the behavior of “dominant online platforms”, has brought about a number of potential changes that have affected the way that companies and other digital industries operate. ...

Web browser app comparison Microsoft Teams Slack Webex

We Compared The Web Versions Of Slack, Teams, and Webex

With laptop and PC capacity at a premium, it’s no wonder the leaders in the collaboration space are turning to web browser versions. But the question we’re answering today is…are they any good? In this article, we compare the web browser versions of Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Webex. While we don’t expect to decide on ...