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Unified Comms & Team Collaboration Glossary

Unified Comms & Team Collaboration Glossary

January 16, 2020 Uncategorized 0 Comments

Unified Comms and Team Collaboration stem from different beginnings and now contains many different examples of platform-specific jargon. To make your lives easier, we’ve put together this handy glossary and even split it into sections for you to skip to. Some terms are key in more than one category but we’ll spare you the duplication. ...

UC Expo

UC Expo 2019 – Roundup of Key Collaboration Events

UC Expo kicked off in London on 15th May. The event showcased the biggest brands in Unified Communications and the latest innovations in the world of business communications. A key theme through the course of the day was interoperability between key vendors Microsoft and Cisco. Below, we share some insights and highlights from various panels ...