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Zoom Whiteboard

Zoom Whiteboard Launches: Here’s How To Use It

In April 2022, Zoom launched a new revamped virtual whiteboard feature. The new whiteboard includes key collaboration features like: Persistence: Zoom Whiteboard is now accessible not only during Zoom meetings but also as a standalone feature before and after meetings. This is great for asynchronous collaboration. Power: You and your team can attach sticky notes, ...

Asynchronous Messaging

Asynchronous Messaging: Improve Your Workplace Productivity Today

As we start to take remote work and digital transformation seriously, there’s a new form of communication that has become a hot topic: asynchronous communication.  While creating an offline video and sending it to peers isn’t new, asynchronous messaging is also becoming a crucial part of enterprise communications strategies.  We might know what it is. ...

Zoom keyboard shortcuts

30+ Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts To Speed Up Your Day

So you’ve got used to using Zoom, can operate all the fancy controls, and have optimized your video setup. What’s next? Mastering Zoom! In this post, we’ll show you Zoom keyboard shortcuts (or you might call them Zoom hotkeys) for both video conferencing and chat.  Keyboard shortcuts are common in apps like Microsoft Word and ...

Zoom Chat features

10 Zoom Chat Features You May Not Know About

Everyone knows all the cool things you can do with Zoom for video—but are you using all the features available in Zoom Chat yet? Yes, that’s right. Zoom has an asynchronous chat platform built into it. And while heavy Zoom users are familiar and thriving using it as a full collaboration platform, plenty of people ...

The History And Future Of Message Interoperability

The History And Future Of Message Interoperability

Message interoperability, often shortened to message interop or chat interop, has been a longing desire for enterprises since the general acceptance of instant messaging in businesses. While today sees enterprises juggle multiple collaboration applications like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Webex, and Zoom, interoperability has been an unrealized need since we tried to manage the sales team ...

Migrate From Webex To Zoom Chat

How To Migrate From Webex To Zoom Chat

Before you migrate from Webex to Zoom Chat, it’s important to work out whether that’s what you actually need. Sure, your team is using Zoom for video calls already but connecting the chat experience is all too important to rush into changing. Any migration needs a considerable amount of planning, time, and resources. So, you’ll ...