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Mio Teams Up With Zoom To Connect Zoom Team Chat with Teams, Slack, & Webex

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Mio Teams Up With Zoom To Connect Zoom Team Chat with Teams, Slack, & Webex

Mio Teams Up With Zoom To Connect Zoom Team Chat with Teams, Slack, & Webex

When my co-founder James and I started Mio five years ago, our vision was to build a unified network for workplace communications. We fundamentally believe you should be able to communicate in real-time with all your colleagues and external contacts, regardless of which messaging app they use.

In a major step forward towards this vision, Mio is teaming up with Zoom to make Zoom Team Chat interoperable with Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Webex.

We are delighted to announce that Zoom Team Chat customers can join cross-platform channels or exchange 1:1 messages with Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Slack users.

Microsoft Teams interop with Zoom Chat

Cross-platform chat is the future of workplace communications. 

Zoom users are no longer restricted to communicating with only other Zoom users. 

Just as Slack users are no longer limited to communicating with other Slack users. Siloed messaging is an outdated model for workplace collaboration.

Slack interoperability with Zoom Chat

A global network for unified communications

We are now closer than we’ve ever been to connecting every company in the world together on a global network for workplace communications. Users and IT administrators no longer need to deal with managing guest accounts and monitoring multiple apps/workspaces, which often results in missed messages.

In terms of technical architecture, you can think of Zoom, Slack, Teams, and Webex as equivalent to “local area networks”, whereas Mio is the “wide area network” for workplace communication. Mio is middleware that uses API federation to connect nodes on the network.

Webex interoperability with Zoom Chat

With the Mio app installed, Zoom Team Chat users can:

  • Join Teams, Slack, and Webex channels from Zoom Team Chat
  • Exchange direct messages with Teams, Slack, and Webex users from Zoom Team Chat
  • Edit and delete messages, post threaded replies, share files and emoji reactions

Mio’s Zoom integration is available now.

Sign up for Zoom Team Chat interop here.