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For Internal Teams

These blog posts highlight how you can chat with teams inside your company who use different chat apps.

Busy on Busy Microsoft Teams

How To Turn On Busy On Busy On Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a powerful communication and collaboration tool that can be used for messaging, calling, video conferencing, and more.  However, when you are in a call or a meeting, it can be disruptive to receive additional calls.  Fortunately, Teams offers a “Busy on busy” feature that allows you to automatically reject incoming calls when ...

Webex presence

7 Best Practices To Set Your Webex Presence

As the world shifts towards remote work and virtual meetings, platforms like Webex have become essential for organizations to communicate and collaborate effectively.  Whether you’re a seasoned Webex user or just starting out, setting your presence on the platform is crucial for productivity and communication.  In this blog post, we’ll cover some best practices for ...

Cross platform adoption

5 Tips To Boost Cross-Platform Adoption

When you install Mio to enable cross-platform messaging, the key to getting people to break out of their workplace silos is empowering adoption. Rather than investing in message interoperability and hoping people start sending cross-platform messages, we’re going to share five things we’ve seen work first-hand in some of the largest enterprises that use Mio. ...