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Unified Comms Influencers: The Top 50 for 2019 Revealed

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Top 50 Unified Comms influencers for 2019


Unified Comms Influencers: The Top 50 for 2019 Revealed

Top 50 Unified Comms influencers for 2019

Forbes reported that the Unified Comms market is worth a staggering $56bn in 2019. Despite this, the tech, the brands, and most importantly the people of Unified Comms remain a mystery to some SMBs and enterprises.

One vendor, Ribbon Communications, went as far as saying that some businesses are unaware of Unified Comms, at an event hosted by UC hardware leaders, Poly.

To boost awareness of Unified Comms & Collaboration, Mio has collated the who’s who of Unified Comms influencers for 2019.

Stop right here! We’ve updated our list of Unified Comms influencers for 2020 here!

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Unified Comms influencers for 2019

1. Evan Kirstel

Tweets about: Social Media | AI | Unified Comms

Followers: 250,000+

Evan is a Social Media Business Strategist. He tweets about the benefits of social media in a B2B capacity, emerging technologies, and how they will impact the future state of Unified Comms.

2. Stewart Butterfield

Tweets about: Business | Collaboration | Leadership

Followers: 92,000+

Stewart is the CEO of Slack, or Boss, as his social media labels him. He shares news and positivity around all things Slack, as well as thoughts of business and leadership strategies.

3. Chris Isak

Tweets about: AI | Startups | Collaboration

Chris is a Technology Journalist for TechAcute, and Channel & Alliance Manager for GMS (Global Media Services GmbH). He covers everything from cloud computing and IoT to gaming and e-health, always with the latest collaboration news from the likes of Slack and Microsoft.

Followers: 73,000+

4. Chuck Robbins

Tweets about: Cisco | Security | Golden State Warriors

Followers: 45,000+

Chuck is the Chairman and CEO at Cisco. He shares business, growth and leadership insights as well as the latest news from all areas of Cisco.

5. Dave Michels

Tweets about: Unified Comms | Collaboration | Contact Centre

Followers: 40,000+

Dave is the Founder and Lead Analyst of Talking Pointz. He shares tweets around all aspects of Unified Comms and Contact Center, runs a renowned industry podcast, and is regular at any industry conference.

6. Eric Yuan

Tweets about: Collaboration | Leadership | AV

Followers: 40,000+

Eric is the Founder & CEO of Zoom. He shares insights into inner business workings, leadership best practices and the latest updates in video conferencing.

7. Rich Tehrani

Tweets about: Business | AI | Unified Comms

Followers: 23,000+

Rich is the CEO of TMC and posts tweets about the future of work, business trends and the latest happenings in all forms of technology including Unified Comms, IoT, and AI.

8. Christian Buckley

Tweets about: Microsoft Teams | Collaboration | AI

Followers: 23,000+

Christian is the CEO of Collab Talk. He shares the latest news, trends, and features from the Microsoft community and publishes a daily news round-up on the Collab Talk Twitter page.

9. Brian Kardon

Tweets about: Collaboration | Marketing | AI

Followers: 17,000+

Brian is the CMO at Fuze. His Twitter feed is predominantly dedicated to sharing marketing and business best practices in the SaaS world. Naturally, lots of digital workplace and Unified Comms news is shared here.

10. Sheila McGee Smith

Tweets about: Contact Centre | Unified Comms | AV

Followers: 12,500+

Sheila is the President & Principal Analyst at McGee-Smith Analytics, LLC. With a steep history in Contact Centre, Sheila’s tweets naturally stem there but are forever intertwined with Unified Comms.

11. Blair Pleasant

Tweets about: Unified Comms | Collaboration | Contact Centre

Followers: 11,500+

Blair is the President & Principal Analyst at COMMfusion and a massive Beatles fan. She shares research and news from all angles of the Unified Comms industry.

12. Jim Lundy

Tweets about: Collaboration | Contact Centre | AI

Followers: 11,000+

Jim is the CEO & Lead Analyst at Aragon Research. He shares tweets around all things related to the digital workplace including Unified Comms, Contact Centre, and AV.

13. Cal Henderson

Tweets about: Collaboration | Travel | Business

Followers: 8,500+

Cal is the Co-Founder and CTO of Slack. He saves his Twitter for business and travel updates rather than flooding your feed with Slack news, so tech tweets are sought after.

14. Zeus Kerravala

Tweets about: 5G | AI | Collaboration

Followers: 8,500+

Zeus is the Founder and Principal Analyst at ZK Research. He shares tweets about Unified Comms with an added focus on how future technologies like 5G and AI will impacts products and customers.

15. Amy Chang

Tweets about: Cisco | Collaboration | AV

Followers: 7,500+

Amy Chang is the GM of Collaboration Tech at Cisco. A big presence on stage and on Twitter, Amy preaches the benefits of collaboration tech for all industries and communities.

16. Irwin Lazar

Tweets about: Unified Comms | Collaboration | Contact Centre

Followers: 7,000+

Irwin is the Vice President and Service Director for Nemertes Research, tweeting about all areas of the Unified Comms and Contact Centre industry. Irwin shares independent research and the very latest in collaboration.

17. Jon Arnold

Tweets about: Collaboration | AI | Unified Comms

Followers: 6,500+

Jon is an Independent Technology Analyst providing views and insights on the world of Unified Comms, Contact Centre, and associated technologies like AI and WebRTC.

18. Tom Arbuthnot

Tweets about: Microsoft Teams | Collaboration | Skype for Business

Followers: 6,000+

Tom is a Principal Solutions Architect at Modality Systems and a renowned Microsoft Certified Master and MVP. His Twitter feed, along with his weekly newsletter is one of the go-to sources for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business news.

19. Rob Scott

Tweets about: Unified Comms | Collaboration | Contact Centre

Followers: 5,500+

Rob is the Publisher at UC Today so naturally, his Twitter feed is Unified Comms heavy. News, guides, and opinions from across the industry are shared on Rob’s Twitter feed.

20. Stephanie Watson

Tweets about: Contact Centre | Unified Comms | Collaboration

Followers: 5,500+

Stephanie is General Manager at MZA Ltd where she has overseen over 20 years of research in the evolving telecoms industry. She shares industry research, news, and snippets from expos and analyst briefings.

21. Ira Weinstein

Tweets about: AV | Collaboration | Unified Comms

Followers: 3,500+

Ira is the Managing Partner at Recon Research. He tweets about all things Unified Comms, with a particular focus on AV, video conferencing and huddle rooms.

22. Aruna Ravichandran

Tweets about: Cisco | Collaboration | Contact Centre

Followers: 3,000+

Aruna is VP Marketing and CMO for Cisco Webex. When not on stage at a Unified Comms event, Aruna tweets about all things Cisco and how the future of Unified Comms is cognitive collaboration.

23. Geoff Belknap

Tweets about: Security | Collaboration | LEGO

Followers: 3,000+

Geoff has recently joined LinkedIn as Chief Information Security Officer after spending nearly 4 years running keeping collaboration secure at Slack. Expect the odd security tweet in amongst serious appreciation for LEGO.

24. Elka Popova

Tweets about: Unified Comms |Collaboration | AI

Followers: 3,000+

Elka is a Vice President and Senior Fellow of Digital Transformation at Frost & Sullivan. Elka’s tweets cover all angles of Unified Comms, from the network environment underpinning a rollout to the future of AI in the workplace.

25. Ian Taylor

Tweets about: Unified Comms | Collaboration | Dogs

Followers: 3,000+

Ian is the Editor of UC Today and balances his Twitter feed with a combination of Unified Comms news, digital innovation and the occasional dog show. As the man juggling the news, Ian’s account is a hub for collaboration news.

26. Jonathan Dame

Tweets about: Unified Comms | Collaboration | AV

Followers: 2,500+

Jonathan is a Reporter at Tech Target covering all angles of business communications and collaboration. The ongoing battle between Slack and Microsoft Teams gets a lot of attention in Jonathan’s articles and tweets.

27. Ronald Schlager

Tweets about: Collaboration | Unified Comms | AV

Followers: 2,500+

Ronald is an Independent Telecoms Professional with over 35 years in the industry. Based in Austria, Ronald tweets in multiple languages about cloud communications, collaboration trends, and networking

28. Alan Quayle

Tweets about: Unified Comms | Collaboration | Contact Centre

Followers: 2,000+

Alan is a Strategy and Business Development Consultant, and a self-confessed telecoms geek. When he’s not busy preparing TAD Hack events, you can catch his weekly CX newsletter and other telecoms news direct from his Twitter account.

29. Adam Preset

Tweets about: Business | Collaboration | AV

Followers: 2,000+

Adam is a Senior Director Analyst of Digital Workplace Engagement at Gartner. Adam covers the features and benefits that digital workplace tech can bring, as well as posting about who is doing it the best.

30. David Danto

Tweets about: AV | Collaboration | Space

Followers: 2,000+

David is the Director of UC Strategy and Research at Poly, so he has to know the very latest in Unified Comms. Outside of the industry ins and outs, David is a regular tweeter of all things space-related.

31. Alaa Saayed

Tweets about: Collaboration | Unified Comms | AI

Followers: 2,000+

Alaa is the ICT Industry Director at Frost & Sullivan and regularly tweets about all things related to digital transformation. Expect news, research and opinion on the latest from the top of the Unified Comms market.

32. Tom Morgan

Tweets about: Microsoft Teams | Collaboration | AI

Followers: 2,000+

Tom is a Product Innovation Architect at Modality Systems and a Microsoft MVP. He regularly shares dev testing and product insights related to Microsoft Teams and the future of work.

33. Graham Walsh

Tweets about: Microsoft Teams | AV |AI

Followers: 2,000+

Graham is the Strategic Alliance Technical Director, EMEA at Crestron EMEA. As a video interoperability pioneer, Graham flies the flag of coexistence across the Microsoft estate and now looks after everything device related in Microsoft Teams.

34. Matthew Finnegan

Tweets about: Collaboration | AI | Microsoft Teams

Followers: 2,000+

Matthew is a news reporter for Computer World where he covers all things collaboration and the future of the workplace. Covering all the major platforms, Matthew’s Twitter account is a constant source of Unified Comms news when you need it.

35. Michael LaMontagne

Tweets about: Microsoft Teams | Collaboration |APIs

Followers: 1,500+

Michael is an Office Apps and Services MVP and part of the O365Eh! podcast collective. You’ll find him tweeting and talking about the latest updates to both Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams, as well as sharing insights from conferences like Microsoft Inspire and Microsoft Ignite.

36. Beth Schultz

Tweets about: AV | Collaboration | Enterprise Strategy

Followers: 1,500+

Beth is the Editor of No Jitter. Collating Unified Comms news and information from the biggest vendors and turning them into communicable stories, articles and tweets is what Beth’s Twitter is all about.

37. Kevin Kieller

Tweets about: Microsoft Teams | Skype for Business | AI

Followers: 1,500+

Kevin is the Co-Founder of EnableUC and regularly provides consulting and strategy services in the realm of Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams. A regular contributor at No Jitter, Kevin’s knowledge of moving to or from Skype is a valuable source of information.

38. Tony Cuevas

Tweets about: Cisco | Collaboration | AV

Followers: 1,500+

Tony is the Director of Solutions Architecture at Liberty Tech. As a Webex Master, Tony knows the benefits of collaboration inside out and is often found remote working and sharing a variety of Cisco Webex apps and integrations to make work easier.

39. Justin Ramirez

Tweets about: Cisco | Collaboration | AV

Followers: 1,500+

Justin is the Head of Global Ecosystems for Cisco Webex. This means Justin is the ultimate source of Cisco knowledge and happenings for all Cisco partners. Find Justin live tweeting from conferences like Cisco Live and spreading the word about the latest collaboration innovations.

40. Tom Hadfield

Tweets about: Collaboration | Leadership | Business

Followers: 1,000+

Tom is the CEO at Mio. As well as providing steers and insights on the Unified Comms and team collaboration markets, Tom is a board member at Heifer, empowering millions to go from poverty to self reliance.

41. Michelle Burbick

Tweets about: Collaboration | Contact Centre | Women In Tech

Followers: 1,000+

Michelle is the Associate Editor at No Jitter. Regular tweets include articles on the state of the enterprise collaboration space. When Enterprise Connect comes around, Michelle’s Twitter is the place to be.

42. Mark Vale

Tweets about: Microsoft Teams | Skype for Business | Collabortation

Followers: 1,000+

Mark is an independent consultant in the Microsoft world. He tweets about customer experiences moving from legacy tech to both Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams, and is currently curating the Commsverse conference.

43. Randy Chapman

Tweets about: Microsoft Teams | Skype for Business | AV

Followers: 1,000+

Randy is the Head of Consulting at Meeting Zone. With a keen eye on everything Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams, Randy regular provides updates on new features, migration stories and the latest conferences.

44. Meredith Schulz

Tweets about: Collaboration | Marketing | Design

Followers: 1,000+

Meredith the VP of User Experience & Engagement at Mio. Meredith shares insights on the team collaboration space and is a regular attendee at UX chat meet-ups and Unified Comms expos.

46. Bill Haskins

Tweets about: Collaboration | Unified Comms | Security

Followers: 1,000+

Bill is a Sr Analyst and Partner at Wainhouse Research. Sourcing, creating, and sharing Unified Comms research is Bill’s domain. Expects tweets from analyst briefings, new reports, and industry trends.

46. Tim Banting

Tweets about: Collaboration | AV | AI

Followers: 1,000+

Tim is a Principal Analyst in the Workspace Services division of Ovum. Tweets centre around the ever-changing world of team collaboration, following the journeys of companies like Microsoft Teams and Slack.

47. Patrick Watson

Tweets about: Unified Comms | Collaboration | Contact Centre

Followers: 500+

Patrick is the face and voice behind the videos and podcasts at UC Today. You’ll usually find him tweeting about the happenings at a Unified Comms conference or sharing his podcasts with the biggest names in the industry.

48. Jono Luk

Tweets about: Cisco | Collaboration | AV

Followers: 500+

Jono is the Director of Product Management for Cisco Webex. As well as sharing the latest Webex news, Jono has an extensive Microsoft background, and loves collecting and giving out Cisco swag!

49. Paul Lange

Tweets about: Microsoft Teams | Skype for Business | Cisco

Followers: 300+

Paul is a Consultant at Germany-based Computacenter, a cloud solutions provider, and specializes in all things Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. With a background in Cisco products, Paul’s cross platform experience makes for some insightful tweets.

50. Chris Palermo

Tweets about: Cisco | Collaboration | AV

Followers: 250+

Chris is a Sales GTM & Strategy Specialist at Cisco. Working on Webex for the last 10 years has made Chris a true enterprise collaboration expert. Expect the latest insights from the Cisco world, as well as soccer and social snippets.

Thanks for checking out our Unified Comms influencers. 

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